Buying a quality mannequin can be a long and stressful process, especially if it’s your first time buying one. You’re searching for the right pose, the right style, the right color, and with good quality. And while all this going on, in the back of your head you’re thinking “Are these mannequins really worth the effort and the cost?” The answer, of course, is Yes! Mannequins are some of the best merchandising investments that a store can make for a wide variety of reasons.

Mannequins Highlight Products

Mannequins are great for showing the customer what you want them to see. And this can work in a number of ways. Let’s say you have a new shirt that just arrived in your store, and it’s starting to get a lot of attention. By putting this on your mannequin, you can highlight a new popular product and make it especially enticing to your customer. This can also work for products that are having trouble selling. If you have a surplus of items you need to move, putting it on the mannequin can raise awareness of a discounted product. Finally, having a mannequin can give you the freedom to experiment with your products. If you don’t have one stand out seller, try putting different products and collections on display. You may find that you had a hidden gem in your store, but no one knew it was there!

Mannequins allow the character of the shop to show off

There are many ways to add character and flair to your shop. Signage, posters, little knick-knacks, interior design and décor are all standard options. But if you need to change the look and feel of your store quickly, none of these are easily replaceable. However, your mannequin can be altered or changed to match whatever event or holiday is currently occurring. Let’s say you opened your store targeting a specific demographic, say athletic competitors. But, you find that you are getting a more relaxed athleisure crowd coming in. Your signage and advertising is going to take some time to rebrand and pivot, but you can easily change out the clothes on your mannequins to reflect the new Athleisure focus of the store.

Mannequins are eye-catching and can draw people in to your store

With the vast number of retailers, both big and small, every store needs to do their best to stand out. This is especially true for newer stores that have not made a name for themselves yet. When walking past a storefront, customers need to see that you have what they need, but also that your store is somewhere they want to be. If a store is simply a series of hangers or tables, it will come across as bland. Having mannequins in the store is like having a big neon sign for window shoppers. It shows them exactly who you are, what you’re selling, and what it will look like on them. You can’t be standing in front of your store making a pitch to every passerby. Instead, let your mannequins be the constant outreach to every potential customer that looks through the window.

Mannequins make your products versatile

We all love novelty, new experiences, new music, and new displays. This love of new also applies to the things that we buy. No one wants to be stuck with the same few options every time they go into a store. But as a store owner, you can only bring in so much product in a certain amount of time. So the questions becomes, how do you keep your products looking fresh while maintaining the same stock? Mannequins can provide a boost here by allowing you to mix and match all your existing products into new outfits. If you have 3 different types of pants, 4 different shirts, and two jackets, that’s already 24 entirely unique outfits you can put on display! And who said math wouldn’t be useful in the real world? By setting a schedule and making regular changes on your mannequins, you can always be providing a new look and feel for your customers.

Mannequins are an all year, long term investment in your store

The initial price shock of some mannequins can be daunting when only looking at the upfront cost. But this isn’t the right way to look at a mannequin’s price tag. Are you only going to be using a mannequin once and then throwing it away? No, high-quality mannequins can last for years with constant usage. When you consider that a mannequin is going to be working for you 24/7, even when the store is closed, then the true cost a mannequin is much less than other marketing materials you will use.

Consider if you purchase a $425 mannequin. That’s a lot of money at face value. But break that cost out over the course of a year. This mannequin ends up only costing you $1.16 a day. Avoid buying a soda from the vending machine every day and you already have enough to buy a proven way to increase sales. Finally, think about how much your store changes throughout the year. Different holidays or local events will require you to buy new decorations, materials, and signage. But the mannequin is your blank slate. It fits every situation as you get to decide what the mannequin is showing off. A mannequin can show off flowy, light spring and summer wear just as well as it shows off think winter layers. For a long-term investment in your store, there is no better option than getting a quality mannequin.

Mannequins show off your product as it will actually be seen

We all like to experience products as we will actually use them. Grocery stores offer samples, Makeup departments let you test, and we all touch the fabric of clothes to see how they feel. However, if you go into an apparel shop without a mannequin, you’re left to guess at what all the clothes will actually look like on a person. A mannequin that has realistic dimensions shows your customers what the fit and style of your clothes are. This will let them narrow down what options they like best to try on and purchase. Simplifying shopping is the name of the game today, and having a mannequin reduces the hassle and guesswork for your customers.

Mannequins increase sales

Go into any major brand store and see if whether or not they have mannequins in their store. The answer will always be yes, and they have a lot of them. Would a major brand invest large sums of money year over year on mannequins if there was no value to them? No, there is only one reason that any company spends money, and that’s if what they’re buying will increase sales. Mannequins have proven time and again to be one of the best way to increase sales in stores.

If you’re ready to start investing in the long-term success of your store and increase sales, then have a look out our selection of top quality mannequins.