In June 2017, Fanzz approached us with a project to develop a new mannequin; not just any mannequin, but a full size realistic mannequin of 7’1” Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz.

We’ve designed many custom mannequins and multiple athletic, active and in motion poses that have challenged our clay and digital sculptors, but this was a unique challenge all its own.  We were allowed just one hour with Rudy… in NYC.  Our in-house 3-D specialists hopped on a plane to New York where they met up with Rudy, portable 3-D scanner in tow.

3-D scan of Rudy Gobert

It was already a big day for Rudy. It was June 26, his birthday and also the day of the 2017 NBA Awards, where Rudy was up for multiple honors. Knowing that he had plenty on his mind, our creative team made quick work of scanning him and getting all of the required data in less than an hour.   Not that it was easy.  Rudy’s 7’9” wing span, combined with the jump shot pose we were trying to capture, meant he hit the ceiling.  Ultimately, we scanned Rudy in two parts, top and bottom, and then seamlessly combined them digitally.

3-D Scanning the top of Rudy Gobert

Our 3-D artists went to work making slight touch ups to the scan, adding digitally rendered clothes, and paying exceptional attention to Rudy Gobert’s iconic hair style which has its own twitter account and fan following!  His teammates have continued the mystique surrounding his swirled hair style by tweeting clues as to what it all means.

3-D Detail work on Rudy Gobert's Hairdo

As the project continued through the development process, Fanzz let us know that they needed the project ahead of schedule.  Our agility with 3-D design and development allowed us to take this change in stride.  In October 2017, Rudy’s 3-D physical realization, hair and all, was unveiled at the Utah Jazz stadium with Rudy himself smiling broadly at the unveiling.

If you have the need for an actual likeness or a custom mannequin of any kind, please reach out to us!  We will be happy to provide a quote and work with you to create a one-of-a-kind mannequin.