Most people remember the Old Navy SuperModelquins from a few years back. You couldn’t escape the ads – TV, radio, celebrity events and in store. There was even a documentary-style video showing where they allegedly came from.

The real origin story of the SuperModelquins? That starts just before Thanksgiving 2008. Old Navy was on the phone, telling us their idea. We nodded along – it sounded like a fun project. We asked when they needed the mannequins and we almost spit out our pumpkin pie when they told us we needed to design, sculpt, and deliver over 13,000 mannequins – 13 characters and a dog – by April 1st of the next year. No foolin’. That’s some serious speed to market.

But when Old Navy calls, you answer. Zero deadlines missed, every custom mannequin – sorry, “SuperModelquin” – delivered. And on April 2nd, we collapsed on the sculpting studio floor, with smiles sculpted on our faces.