The Portland Roadshow

After the success of the LA Roadshow, we knew that we would have to go even bigger in Portland. And without a doubt, the second stop in our travelling mannequin circuit was better than ever. Situated in the heart of downtown, the Portland Roadshow took place over the course of two days, with events during the day and drinks at night. Clients, consumers, and curious passerby’s browsed our mini showroom to see everything that Fusion Specialties has to offer. Of course, we were also accompanied by our sister companies, Goldsmith and Atrezzo, as well as Perch Interactive and Smart Pixel.

This time around, we pulled out all the stops as we brought even more mannequins than the first roadshow. After we finished setting up, there were over two dozen stunning mannequins posing on the floor! Each mannequin was selected to best represent the brands they came from.

Goldsmith Mannequins

Goldsmith brought their Couture collection mannequins, whose timeless poses allow for customization to current trends. Goldsmith has reacted to growing Asian inspired themes by highlighting the impact makeup can have on mannequins, as well as vibrant clothes and wigs to catch the eye.

Fusion Specialties brought Athletic poses from their latest collection, Olympus. In particular were their Yoga pose mannequins, focusing in on an already popular market that continues to grow.

Atrezzo supplied the show with their truly breathtaking mannequins, showcasing many different materials, finishes and mixed medium opportunities.

Perch Interactive included two of their crowd favorite interactive displays, showing once again that interactivity is crucial in the modern retail environment.

Meanwhile, Smart Pixel’s display unit showed guests how they could provide a customizable experience, without having to produce inventory.

The Portland Roadshow was a major success, as many major companies and partners came out to see everything Noa Brands has to offer. We can’t wait for round 3 in the Windy City!

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