Portland Roadshow

After a fantastic showing in LA, Noa Brands is going up the coast to Portland for a two day event. This time around, our mannequins will be available to browse throughout the day in an open house. Afterwards, Noa Brands will host a happy hour for friends and colleagues to come see everything we have to offer.

Sticking with the faux finish trend that is taking over the industry, Fusion Specialties will be presenting statuesque forms from the Olympus Concrete Collection.

Atrezzo will have a number of stunning mixed medium mannequins, from the April and October collection and IT Girl collection. The IT Girl features unique finishes, including the “Black Crackle”. With this one finish, customers can get unity within a collection while also creating a unique fingerprint for each individual mannequin, as no two finishes are the exact same.

Even the newest addition to the family, Almax, will have a “family” of mannequins to highlight our new blow-molding capacity. Finally, Goldsmith will be showcasing a large number of their most popular collections, including Couture and Kinky Girls.

The technological capabilities Noa Brands has to offer will also be on full display. Two Perch Interactive Displays will be available to engage with, as well as a demonstration of Smart Pixels diverse capabilities. Noa Brands will also be presenting a series of models showing our ever growing 3-D Printing expertise and the increasing customizations we can offer.

The night promises to be entertaining, with good food, live music, excellent company and of course, beautiful mannequins. We can’t wait to see everyone at the Portland Roadshow!