Nike continues to create the future with the opening of two more prototype Nike Stores on opposite ends of the Earth. The Nike Miami store features a number of unique in-store services and experiences. For instance, customers can receive 1-on-1 advice from in store experts, to ensure they are getting the right gear for the right activity. There are also the Trial Zones, where customer can try out product in realistic environments to ensure that everything feels as good as it looks. While Nike Miami continues to build on the groundbreaking approach, a store in China takes a more focused approach.

In Beijing, Nike has also opened their Nike & Jordan Basketball Experience Store. The store features the Nike Basketball Trial Zone, with the ability to simulate famous courts. It also boasts a massive collection of both new and classic apparel, highlighting iconic Jordan’s. The Beijing store also includes a stunning centerpiece of the Lattice Work Mannequins, Designed by Fusion and Created by Fathom. This new store aims to be a place of pilgrimage for all fans of the sport, offering everything a newcomer or veteran could possibly need.

While Nike is leading the way forward in retailing, Fusion Specialties is ready to be a part of that journey.