The new Nike flagship store in SoHo was designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: show everyone the future of Retailing. While Nike certainly achieved this, Fusion Specialties was also propelled to the cutting edge of Visual Merchandising. For a store as groundbreaking as Nike had envisioned, we also had to do our best to create forms that would grab the shoppers attention and capture the essence of the sport involved. Needless to say, we accomplished both.

The SoHo store features the one of a kind and industry first Lattice-Work Mannequins. Fusion Specialties designed the form and collaborated with Fathom, a 3-D printing specialist. Fathom gave the forms their unique appearance and printed all the parts that make up these mannequins.  However, we have adapted in response to the overwhelming attention these forms have received. Now, Fusion Specialties has developed its 3-D printing technologies and can develop and produce forms with similar, unique designs.