Fusion Specialties is committed to reducing its impact on the environment in every step and section of the business. In Management and Sales, our global headquarters has increased its energy consumption from renewable sources. Shipping and Logistics utilize 100% post-consumer waste packaging. Additionally, Manufacturing uses closed loop production for 3-D printing and continuously improves our recyclable materials capabilities. Finally, we offer a “Waste to Energy” program, to prevent mannequins from ending up in landfills and instead convert them into Energy.

This year we want to focus on one of our latest additions, our paper-pulp line of mannequins, The Imprint Collection. These forms are manufactured from recycled paper that are themselves recyclable and biodegradable. The Imprint Collection offers a number of light weight and Eco-friendly options, that are available in a number of different colors.

Fusion Specialties looks forward to furthering the development of sustainable production practices and doing our part to help preserve our environment.