New E-Commerce Platform

Fusion Specialties has looked at the changing landscape of retail, and saw an opportunity. Now, we are proud to announce the launch of our very own E-commerce platform, Noa Brands Direct. The website has a selection of our most popular mannequins from the Fusion Specialties catalog. And the site includes a number of forms from our sister companies Goldsmith, Pop, and Atrezzo.

Nearly every business today has been affected by the growth of E-Commerce. Major retailers are fighting off Amazon and redefining themselves in the tech era. Start-ups are reveling as they reach new markets with greater speed and efficiency. And consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to fulfill all their needs, both for personal and business purchases.

The site is the perfect option for any store or company that wants the great quality that Fusion Specialties provides, but doesn’t want to wait for new mannequins to be produced. All purchases are shipped out the next business day, so even the harshest of deadlines can be met.

Noa Brands Direct is the very first online retailer from a major producer of mannequins. We are proud to present our products to a wider audience with the ease and simplicity E-Commerce is known for.