Custom Mannequins

Hand-sculpted forms produced at any scale.

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We draw inspiration from everything that people do – sitting, climbing, walking, dancing, playing. We pay attention to the smallest details of everyday life because it’s in those moments where the truth lives.

This is play for us. Come behind the scenes and see how we turn fun into Fusion.


With manufacturing facilities and partnerships in the U.S., Spain, Mexico, China and South America, Fusion Specialties can meet you where you live and deliver the detail and craftsmanship we’re known for. From the 800 lb gorillas of the retail industry to boutique shops around the corner from our Lafayette, Colorado headquarters, we can help you show your apparel on your terms.



E-Flex™ polyurethane has been our competitive advantage from the start. Creating durable, lighter mannequins in a fraction of the time compared to the old process enables us to offer unparalleled flexibility and true speed to market. Come see how we bring E-Flex™ to life in our Portfolio stories.



E-Flex™ wasn’t just a revolution in mannequin manufacturing, it represented a new environmentally friendly process that was an order of magnitude better for the planet and for our employees. Today we continue that commitment by using techniques such as low VOC epoxy resin and packaging that is 100% recyclable, with all cardboard boxes made from 43% post-consumer waste. For a bunch of dummies, we’re smart about sustainability.